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What Centrifuge Is Best For You?


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With the largest portfolio of centrifuges in the UK, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Fortunately Centurion Scientific is here to help; here is a helpful checklist to help you decide which of our products is best for you.

The Centurion Checklist

This checklist fundamentally consists of with three basic questions in order to help you identify which centrifuge from our diverse range is best for you.

  • Where Are You Using It?
    A centrifuge can be used in many different places. The most obvious example would be a laboratory, but centrifuges can be found in many places, such as a kitchen.
  • What Are You Putting Into The Centrifuge?
    Various things can be put into a centrifuge. Food, clinical samples or even oil. There is a wide variety of things that you can put into a centrifuge, so knowing what you are using it for is paramount before purchasing one.
  • Why Are You Using It?
    There are many reasons why you may want to use a centrifuge. For example you might want to use it for research purposes, or for clinical testing in a veterinarian laboratory. Different uses mean certain features in different centrifuges may be more beneficial to you.

With these three basic questions; who, where and why, we can speed up the process in finding the perfect product for you.

Where Are You Using It?

In The Kitchen
If you’re planning on using the centrifuge in a kitchen, you want our PrO-Xract range. This centrifuge is a fantastic addition to your kitchen, helping you find that perfect flavour and wow your customers.

With our centrifuge you can create fantastic soups, you can extract flavoursome oils and liquids from foods to use within you cooking in a matter of minutes whereas using a strainer could take hours, even days. Centrifuges are also excellent for creating vegan food. You can use them to extract fats from vegetables and nuts, in order to make dairy free cream which could be used to make a vegan sauce or be used in the creation of a vegan dessert.

In A Laboratory

Laboratories have numerous applications. Some are more research focused, some are industrial and others are based within the medical field. As such, the centrifuge needs to fit the needs of the lab, which moves us onto our second question.

What Are You Putting Into The Centrifuge?
Depending on the substance you are testing, depends on the centrifuge you need.

Clinical Samples
If you’re testing clinical samples, we recommend our PrO-Hospital. Being specifically designed for laboratories such as blood labs, it is the ideal choice.

Oil Samples
If you are testing oil, our PrO-ASTM range of centrifuges will be ideal for your industry.

Road Samples

If you’re testing samples from roads, we would recommend that you choose our PrO-Road range of centrifuges.

Cytology Samples

For cytology we highly recommend our Pro-CYT centrifuges. They are especially designed for testing samples such as cytology samples.

If you find none of these samples fit your use, we have one final question to ask of you.

Why Are You Using It?

For General Laboratory Use

If you’re using a centrifuge for a variety of applications, we recommend our PrO-Analytical range. It’s designed for a multitude of laboratory applications and will make an excellent addition to your laboratory equipment.

In A Veterinary Laboratory
A veterinarian deals with a wide range of cases every day, as such it’s important to have a centrifuge that’s diverse and powerful enough to handle various different tasks. For this reason, we recommend our PrO-Vet series, designed especially for veterinary laboratories.

For Research

If you’re looking for the ideal centrifuge to put into your laboratory for research use then we highly suggest our PrO-Research range.

For Education

If you’re searching for an easy to use centrifuge for students to use during their studies. We recommend our PrO-Ed range of centrifuges. Their easy to use design makes them ideal for students, allowing them to quickly understand how the product works and focus on their studies.

Centrifuges, Helping Science Move Forward

Centrifuges are a fantastic scientific creation. By spinning samples at high speeds and subjecting them to forces stronger than Earth’s gravity we are able to separate different states of matter in a sample. For example a centrifuge for culinary science will leave solids at the bottom, water in the middle and oils at the top. This can be utilised in a variety of different culinary uses.

Why Choose Centurion?

In addition to having the largest portfolio in the UK, we also have all of the user manuals for our centrifuges available online. So if you ever need help or assistance with your Centurion centrifuge, help is only a simple .pdf away.

We are BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and have the approval of the CQS Ltd to develop, manufacture and supply laboratory top centrifuges. If you’re interested in learning more about the quality of our products, you can find more information in this highly detailed PDF.

We are extremely proud of the devices we manufacture at Centurion. We only use the best components from the best materials inside our centrifuges. Our centrifuges are manufactured in Bosham, West Sussex; but are distributed worldwide. As a further demonstration to both the quality of our products and our commitment to providing outstanding customer service, all of our units come with a three year warranty from the invoiced date.

Contact Centurion Scientific For All Of Your Centrifuge Needs

Centurion Scientific has been a global leader of bench top centrifuges since the 1980’s. In our over 27 years of excellence, we have established many connections all over the world. When you use a Centurion centrifuge, you’re using a product that is used and trusted in laboratories all around the world.

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