What do a brewery and a wastewater treatment facility have in common? More than you think


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You may think that a brewery and a wastewater treatment facility are about as similar as day and night, hot and cold, old and young. But they have more in common than you think.

ABUTEC has worked with both to ensure their waste-to-energy systems function at top capacity.

Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan, needed a way to save money, ensure compliance and practice sustainability. That’s where a waste-to-energy system came in, allowing the brewmasters to capture the excess methane created during the beer-making process and produce energy for their plant by sending that methane to an engine.

For DC Water, the largest wastewater treatment facility in the U.S., the waste-to-energy system was not only about saving money and ensuring compliance, but also maintaining infrastructure. They needed to remove siloxanes, non-toxic compounds frequently found in consumer products that improve texture. While siloxanes can cause significant, expensive damage to machinery, burning them off gave DC Water an opportunity to turn the waste gas into a way to power part of their operation.

Both facilities relied on ABUTEC partners to develop the waste-to-energy system. And both facilities employed ABUTEC combustors to ensure those waste-to-energy systems maximized the waste gas.

For Bell’s Brewery, the ABUTEC unit (an MTF 0.8 MW system) is used as back up in case the power-generating engine ever goes down. The harmful methane generated when hops decompose will be rerouted to the ABUTEC flare, which will combust it safely and efficiently.

DC Water utilizes two ABUTEC HTF 1.6 MW systems in conjunction with its CAMBI unit and conditioning system to combust the infrastructure-damaging siloxanes before they can build up on turbines and result in costly repairs.

For both Bell’s Brewery and DC Water, waste-to-energy projects are important components to their operation, and ABUTEC units are important components in their waste-to-energy projects.

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