What do I need to do to improve reliability?

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“What do I need to do to improve reliability?” This is a seemingly simple question that elicits many different responses from reliability practitioners. One practitioner will say that you should benchmark your facility’s performance. Another will state that you need to perform a root cause failure analysis (RCFA) on equipment failures. In both cases, the advice could be beneficial. But, two key points are essential:

1. Always be sure that the real issues are the most significant contributors to the facility’s unreliable performance (not somebody else’s issues).

2. Always be sure to deal with the underlying reasons of the problems (not just the symptoms of the problems). To make and sustain real reliability improvement, a holistic approach is required. This holistic approach needs to include the following three basic activities:

-Eliminate the causes of equipment failures that affect system performance.
-Create a culture and management system to sustain improvement.
-Monitor performance of the manufacturing system. The following four steps are the quickest and most effective approach for improving manufacturing reliability.

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