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What does the so-called `green development` eventually stands for?

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Financial and political developments of the last semester in Greece, these mainly being the national economic crisis and the establishment of an independent ministry for the environment, have brought the term 'green development' in the news spotlight, as an alternative development course in contradistinction to the up-to-now Greece's evolution. Still though, this term is not clearly defined within everyday communication, being also used as a marketing and promotional tool. This article aims at presenting a clear identification of the 'green development' concept from a consultant's point of view, providing a list of particular actions that are prompt for implementation in order to approach a sustainable economy, along with a strong modification of consumer and development standards. Recent legislative introductions by the government seem to be oriented in this direction, whereas suggestions herein are foreseen to become shorty sector opportunities. Particular attention has to be given though to a solid and sound commitment by all parties involved -policy makers, businesspeople, civil servants, the general public- to the implementation of such measures and actions towards sustainability.

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