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What Dust Control Products can you Use on Dirt Roads?


Unpaved and dirt roads have many roadway problems, such as potholes, rutting, and dust. Dust can cause dangerous working conditions for construction workers and health problems. Dust control products for dirt roads can help combat these problems. 

Why Do We Need to Control Dust on Dirt Roads? 
With over 1.3 million miles of unpaved roads in the United States, accounting for almost 35% of the more than 4 million roadways, dust is a major concern on construction sites and in communities. Untreated dirt and gravel roads can cause air pollution, increase health risks, and create dangerous conditions for vehicles. 

What Causes Dust on Dirt Roads?
The surface of unpaved and dirt roads is made of soil particles that are loosely bound together. In between these soil particles are air pockets. In arid regions with low moisture, there is no water to infiltrate these air pockets and help bind the soil particles. The soil particles become loose and are taken into the atmosphere by the wind, becoming dust. 

Water is a Temporary Solution for Dust Control
Water is often used as a temporary dust suppressant. Moisture can help bind the fine soil particles on dirt roads. However, water must be applied frequently to unpaved roads to maintain adequate moisture. This solution leads to higher labor and equipment costs, especially in areas with dry climate conditions where water evaporates quickly. 

The Pros and Cons of Chlorides
Chlorides are the most popular dust control products for dirt roads. They are cheap and easy to apply. Chlorides such as calcium chloride and magnesium chloride, are considered a convenient solution to most dust control problems. The disadvantages of chlorides are that they are corrosive to vehicles and equipment and are not the most durable products.

The Benefits of Polymer Dust Control Products
If you are looking for long-lasting dust control products for dirt roads, polymer alternatives are the top option. An excellent choice is the Envirotac dust control products. Envirotac is made of acrylic polymers that interact with soil particles at the non-level and bind them together by altering their microinstruction, increasing compression strength, and load-bearing capability of the treated surface. These products set industry benchmarks for durability, longevity, and eco-friendliness. 

What Product is Best For You?
With so many options, deciding on the right dust control product can be challenging. Environmental Products & Applications, Inc. is a leader in soil stabilization and dust control products. Learn more about our dust control solutions and how Environmental Products & Applications, Inc. can help save you time, money, and provide peace-of-mind on your construction site.

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