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What Features Do You Need In Your Mobile Or Modular Laboratory?


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Today’s need for laboratories crosses many industries in a variety of ways.  This is driven by numerous factors, but most notably by regulatory compliance requirements and the need to increase the efficiency of operations.  Whether the need is for a mining operation’s compliance covering storm water quality or an oil/gas company running geochemical operations on well fluids to increase production, the application of a quality laboratory can have a significant positive financial impact on a company’s operations.  Laboratories, however, can represent a large capital expenditure and it is important to select the right team to design and manufacture. The right solution for your application starts with sound planning based on your specific needs.

An entity that is in need of their own laboratory has several options to meet their needs.  A modular laboratory provides a fixed laboratory that meets or exceeds conditions provided by a conventionally-built building but with the advantages of shorter project duration.  Equally important, their quality is not dependent upon the capabilities of local builders.  This is particularly advantageous when the laboratory is to be located in an underdeveloped or remote location.  Modular laboratories can be made from shipping containers or more traditional constructed modules.  Mobile laboratories provide an option that is traditionally mounted in a van, truck or trailer and allows for use in multiple locations.

These mobile facilities can provide all of the capabilities of a fixed laboratory but in a robust, moveable platform able to serve multiple locations.   Laboratories that are deployed to the field often are located in remote or harsh environments.  This can include distant and undeveloped locations where much of the world’s natural resources are located. Many of these locations have other challenging factors such as high/low temperatures, prone to natural disasters, unreliable power sources, high winds, dusty conditions, etc.  All of these factors place additional demands on a laboratory maintaining a suitable space for performing sensitive analyses that are critical to the company’s bottom line.  Additionally, if the need is for a mobile laboratory, movement over rough, unpaved roadways places increased stress on the laboratory structure itself as well as the analytical equipment contained within it.  The cumulative effects of repeated movement of a mobile laboratory over rough surfaces can have a deleterious effect on a poorly constructed laboratory, making selection of a quality provider even more critical.

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