What happens to crushed glass from PEL Bottle Crushers

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Courtesy of PEL Waste Reduction Equipment

All of the glass which has been crushed using a PEL bottle crusher is recycled and reprocessed back into bottles.

The cullet produced by PEL bottle crushers has been approved by the leading glass manufacturers as a supplier of high quality glass cullet.

85% of the cullet produced is above 8mm and can be reprocessed back into bottles.

The glass is crushed to the size of a cullet; approximately 8mm. The following diagram outlines the process which occurs to make the glass bottles back into glass:

*It is important to note that not all bottle crushers produce glass suitable for recycling. In many cases the glass is crushed to below 8mm or even to a fine dust. This glass therefore cannot be reprocessed back into glass bottles. It often lands up in landfill.

When purchasing or renting a bottle crusher be sure to ask what will happen to your crushed glass!

The benefits of recycling glass are countless:

  • The unique properties of glass mean it can be endlessly recycled and never lose its quality.
  • Alternatively, when in landfill glass can take up to 1,000 years to decompose.
  • Glass offers a unique closed loop system as shown by the above diagram
  • Glass comes from nature
  • Glass is 100% recyclable
  • Using 1 tonne of recycled glass to make new glass, instead of using raw materials saves:
    • 1.2 tonnes of virgin raw materials are saved
    • .67 tonnes of Co2 are saved 

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