What is a slurry pump

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Talking about slurry pump, we see slurry first then next is pump, so let’s start with slurry.
Slurry is a kind of liquid with solids, mostly its specific gravities greater than 1. The solids size may vary from a few micrometers, often referred to as microns, up to hundreds of millimeters and the solids may settle below a certain transport velocity. The properties of slurry, therefore, are highly variable.
After we know what is a slurry, then we can talk about the slurry pumps.
Slurry pumps are used to pumping slurry, they are can be centrifugal, lobe or peristaltic hose one, bellow we will talk about the centrifugal type, which is mostly used in the world.
Like other centrifugal pumps, the pump are consist by slurry pump impeller, volute(casing), shaft, bearing assembly, seal and frame. Bellow, we will take Warman AH Slurry Pump as an example to make the parts more clear.
Impeller is the main rotating component to impart centrifugal force to the liquid. Its usually has Vans, from 2 to 6. And its passage decide the max solid size the pump can delivered. Common material for slurry pump impeller is high chrome alloy, elastomer and polyurethane, but now we can supply Ceramic slurry pump impeller.
Volute or casing provide high operation pressure capabilities for the slurry pump. For Warman AH Slurry Pump, there are volute liner and casing used at same time to make it easier to maintenance and save the cost, just need to change the volute liner only after long time running.
Shaft and Bearing Assembly
A large diameter shaft with a short overhang minimizes deflection and vibration. Heavy-duty roller bearing are housed in a removable bearing cartridge.
For AH slurry pumps, we can use Expeller seal, Gland packing seal and Mechanical seal for the pump. But Expeller seal can only used when pump suction level lower than the liquid. And for mostly conditions, Gland packing is a good choice, lower cost and easy maintenance. But need to add about 5% shaft power for it, means more power cost.
The frame may provide total support for the entire pump or the casing may also have feet for additional support.
For now, there are 4typs of driven of slurry pumps, V-belt, gear box, fluid coupling and frequency conversion drive devices. V-belt and coupling are the cheap ways, so they are widely used.
Now the slurry pump are widely used in industry conditions, such as Gold, Silver, Iron ore, Tin, Steel, Coal, Titanium, Copper, Mineral sands, Lead and Zinc mines. Various other industries include Molybdenum, Electric Utilities, Oil Shale, Water & Sewage Utilities, Building areas, Sand & Gravel, Tobacco and Agriculture (hog, poultry, dairy manure) and etc.

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