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What is cooling tower water treatment?


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It is a dynamic manufacturer and supplier of sustainable water and wastewater treatment solutions. The cooling tower water treatment is an integral part of a process in many in industries. The water treatment problems can very costly when the cause of heat transfers in the cooling tower, health and safety concerns and equipment failure.

For this problem some company uses a unique approach, looking at your cooling tower water treatment system from operational, mechanical and chemical asset. They provide best solutions accommodate to open recirculating, geothermal, closed-loop and process the cooling tower system.

Some Basic Technology for Cooling Water Treatment:

  • Water Chemistry Control- Operational control of cooling water treatment programs is often neglected, and it is the most common cause of water management program failure. The best combination of scale, corrosion and deposition control chemicals with effective way, is worthless if not correctly applied and consistently to the cooling water.
    • A) Cycles- Cooling water chemistry control is starting with the cooling water cycle, the dissolved salts in the fresh water are concentrated by evaporation from the cooling system.
    • B) Economics of cycles- The cycle value where the total operating cost for the entire program is lowest is known as maximum economic cycles. The value is determined by the cost of water, blow down, and chemical treatment for a specific application.
  • C) Chemical feed control– By use of chemical feed control the addition of chemical avoidance products to cooling systems.
    • Scale- It’s a chemical process that deposition of scales results when the concentration of dissolved salts in the cooling water with exceeds their precipitates form on surfaces contact with the water. The common scale becomes less soluble as the temperature increases of the water. It is the cause of scale formation in the sensitive area.

The scale can be controlled by some of the application which has one or more proven techniques. The measures taken to control scale are: Chemical scale inhibitor treatment, softening of cooling water system makeup and Controlling cycles a set level.

    • Corrosion- The chemistry of cooling water treatment programs begins by corrosion, which is an electrochemical process which results in a destruction of metals from where cooling systems are constructed.
    • Deposition- In a general term deposition is the thing that can cause problems in a cooling water system that not due to scale, biological activity or corrosion. It’s an affects process operation like scale, the thermal insulator to decrease heat for transfer efficiency in production equipment.
    • Section of Supplier- The cooling water user with the basics for cooling water treatment, an actual chemistry of the program is the hands of supplier selected by the facility. It is important to select a knowledgeable supplier who can provide appropriate control systems and the specific makeup water quality.

 Selection the Cooling Tower Water Treatment management program and supplier based on some control and knowledge of chemistry which needed increase probability of reliable cooling equipment with heat transfer efficiency at the lowest total cost, this facility that provides sufficient resources and time to vital areas. This will be rewarded by more reliable operation and lowered costs.

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