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What is e-entrepreneurship? – fundamentals of company founding in the net economy

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Internal and external information and communication processes at enterprises across almost every industry sector have been increasingly supported by electronic information technologies. The fundamental advantages of such technologies insure that this trend will continue in the future. The constant development of technology in the accompanying Net Economy has had a significant influence on various possibilities for developing innovative business concepts based on electronic information and communication networks and realising these by establishing a new company (e-ventures). Against this background, the term 'e-entrepreneurship' respectively describes the act of establishing new companies specifically in the Net Economy. Therefore, this article focuses on answering the following questions: which environment and which possibilities does the Net Economy offer for new and innovative entrepreneurial activities?

Keywords: e-business, electronic business, e-entrepreneurship, electronic entrepreneurship, net economy, phases of development, success factors, entrepreneurial activities, innovation, internet, new companies, e-ventures, new ventures

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