What is RDF?

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'Refuse Derived Fuel' comes from Refuse Derived Fuel, literally: fuel from garbage. All kinds of garbage sorted, broken, eddy current in addition to aluminum, magnetic separation of iron, and then broken, wind selection, compression and drying processes made of solid form (cylindrical bar) fuel, referred to as RDF. RDF calorific value is 14595-20016 kJ / kg, much higher than coal (about 10870 kJ / kg);

There is also a waste-derived fuel that produces a higher calorific value called RPF. Known as Refuse Paper and Plastic Fuel, is the industrial waste and garbage sorted from the waste paper, waste plastics as raw materials, crushed after the formation of solid waste derived fuel, heat range in the range of 20900-41800 kJ / kg.

Garbage Derived Fuel RDF requires a complete set of equipment to produce, including crushing and sorting systems and processing and molding systems. Chen garbage first through the rough broken, sorting, fine broken, and then processed into the finished product process, one of the key process is rough and fine broken, which requires the use of suitable RDF solid waste crusher, HARDEN first use Its own crushing technology advantages, launched in the field of RDF research and targeted development, the development of the most advanced RDF coarse crusher and RDF crusher, greatly simplifying the RDF process, and in the practical application process, to achieve the Economic and ecological value maximization.

 Application of refuse-derived fuels:

1.Drying works

RDF is burned in a special boiler and used as a heat source for drying and deodorization.

2. Cement kiln co – disposes

When RDF is used as fuel, RDF's burning ash generally needs to be processed, and there is no need to increase operating costs. In order to develop RDF applications with low operating costs, RDF burn ash is used as a raw material for cement production, thereby eliminating RDF combustion ash processing and reducing operating costs.

3.District heating works

In the heating project infrastructure construction more complete areas, just to build a special RDF combustion boiler can achieve RDF heating, less investment. However, in the relatively backward areas of heating projects due to the high cost, RDF heating is not economical.

4.  Power generation project

In the burning of thermal power plants, RDF and coal will generally be mixed for power generation.

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