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What is Temperature Mapping and Validation Study Service : UAE


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What is Temperature Mapping and validation

In this video we are trying to explain what is temperature mapping and validation study for ware houses, cold rooms, chiller rooms, refrigerators, reefer, freezers, vehicles etc.
Also we explain the procedures for carrying out the same. Vacker Group carries out Temperature Mapping and Validation Study across all Middle East countries including U A E, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and India. Also we provide various Temperature Monitoring Devices and Solutions such as data loggers, software, recorders etc. for all type of Industrial and Commercial applications. We are Authorized distributor for Cryopak, USA for their various products including the data loggers marketed under the brand name Escort.

Here is an example. This is a warehouse. It will have various Air conditioning ducts around the place to keep the temperature within a range of 15 to 20 Degree Centigrade. You will have few temperature sensors and thermometers around the place and you will be seeing that the temperature is always within the limits. 
But here is the reality. You are unable to check the temperature at various points across the warehouse. Also you have lot of activities taking place like movement of people, fork lift, other machinery, opening of various doors etc. 
How do you know that the temperature is uniform across the entire warehouse under all these circumstances?Probably one of the walls or a permanently closed steel door is facing the sun for half of the day. The temperature near such area is definitely not in line with other areas of the warehouse. You will have few thermometers around the warehouse. But how do you know that these are the correct places to be monitored? What is the basis for selecting these locations for placing the thermometers?
This is the purpose of carrying out a Temperature mapping and validation study.

Purpose of the Study

Through the study the following major parameters have to be established.
Temperature across the entire area is uniform? If there are particular spots which exceed the permitted levels such points have to be identified.
It may not always be possible to rectify such hot spots.If the Air conditioning system fails, how long the temperature will continue within the permitted levels.How many people, machinery etc. can be permitted?What are the temperature variations under full and half loaded conditions? If the area is fully loaded, is the entire space within the permitted levels?All the above parameters need to be checked under different climatic conditions across various seasons of a year.

Procedure for carrying out the study

We have written procedures for carrying out the study. We will require a drawing of the entire area and the loading racks. 
Based on the area and number of racks we place numerous temperature data loggers across the entire area. The location of the data loggers will be marked in the drawing with identification numbers for future reference All data loggers will start recording simultaneously

All real life activities such as movement of people, machinery, opening of doors etc. are permitted and will be recorded to the extent possible.

The data will be taken continuously for a number of days under different storage capacity. The whole procedure will be repeated in winter and summer
After completing the recording the data loggers will be collected and data will be downloaded into our software for further analysis.

Analysis and Report

Now we have collected temperature data under various climatic and operational conditions.
These data will be loaded into the software and will be analyzed.
The results will be various graphs and imaging. Based on the study, the certification and recommendations will be provided. 
Recommendations include:

  • Any hot spots in the enclosed area. If rectification is not possible, such area should be clearly marked and should not be used for storage
  • Locations where thermometers or real time monitors to be placed
  • If the Air conditioning system fails, how long the temperature can be sustained
  • This whole study will give you confidence that your Ware house, Cold Room, Chiller, Vehicle etc. are safe for storage and transportation of Food, Medicine, Chemical etc.

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