What is the reason of ball mill adopts dynamic and static pressure bearing

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As the ball mill working conditions is rather special, it is generally start under full load, especially for stop after a long time, lubricating oil film between the neck of hollow shaft and bearing, due to the extrusion and thinning gradually until disappears, this time between the neck of hollow shaft and the bearing is boundary friction state. If the start of ball mill in this case, it is bound to make ball mill due to friction resistance torque and starting current increases.

Overlarge loadstart is not conducive to the motor, ball mill drive system in the safe operation of device such as a deceleration transmission parts of the ball mill, at the same time start in this case the moment neck of hollow shaft to bearing alloy abrasion bearing surface, causing the tile burning mill moment. The ball mill grinding halt after long-term, axial tension ball mill cylinder for cooling shrinkage is larger than the friction force between the neck of hollow shaft and the bearing surface of the hollow shaft and the bearing, to produce relative movement in axial direction, the relative axial movement in the absence of lubricating oil film, also bearing alloy abrasion of the bearing surface.

Dynamic and static pressure main bearing is set up one or several static pressure oil cavity in the proper position of bearing, and a set of high pressure lubricating oil station, the first to start the high-pressure pump pressure lubricating oil station in ball mill before the start of the high-pressure oil, a certain quantity of into the static oil chamber, lubricating oil with a certain pressure from the oil chamber to spread around the gap, when the feeding of the oil production and oil cavity leak out from reflux oil quantity are equal, then the formation of a stable and static pressure oil film to bear loads. The shaft and bearing surface in total liquid friction state.

At this time you start the ball mill, after the ball mill operated normally, stop the supply of high pressure oil to the main bearing of ball mill, then transferred to the dynamic pressure lubrication operation, namely, at this time of the lubricating oil film is to rely on the neck of hollow shaft in the rotation when the formation of the 'natural pump' lubricating oil 'pumping' between shaft and bearing.

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