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What Makes Harmony Different?


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Harmony Enterprises is the global solutions provider for waste handling and recycling.  With so many manufacturers trying to earn your business, we recognize that it is important to distinguish ourselves from our competition in the marketplace.

As a third-generation, family owned business rooted in Core Values, we work relentlessly to provide you with the right solution, for the right price, to your complete satisfaction.

Here are just a few reasons why we invite you to Experience Harmony. 

What makes Harmony Different?

what makes harmony different

This M42BC Stockroom Baler has been in use for over 2 decades.

Longevity. We have been a family-owned business since 1962. Our equipment is built to last under the harshest conditions. Our service will be with you long after the sale.  We have received many photos of our compactors and balers that are still being used after 20-30 years in the field!

Partnership Approach Our competent sales team uses our Proven Process to work with you to identify your needs, propose the right solution, and implement it to your complete satisfaction. You can count on Harmony’s customer service for parts, accessories, preventive maintenance, and service.  Our full team will be with you as your waste handling and recycling needs change and your business grows. 

Intermediate Liquid Extraction Baler

Harmony continues to introduce cutting edge products into the marketplace, like our ExtractPack Pro Liquid Extraction Baler.

Innovation. We continue to enhance our product offerings and services for the betterment of our customers. Whether its our Insite monitoring & bale weight technology, or new products like our ExtractPack Pro pictured here, Harmony conducts a painstaking design and development process to make sure you get the right solution for your waste handling and recycling needs.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Harmony may not always have the lowest price, because we don’t manufacture cheap equipment. The quality of our products, combined with their durability, longevity, and industry-leading warranties, provide you with the lowest total cost of ownership over the lifetime of your machine.

Industry Leading Warranty. Harmony’s Warranty Policy is on the cutting edge of the waste handling and recycling industry.  Our warranty provides you with confidence that your equipment will operate and last as expected.

Quality Components/US Vendors.  Harmony Enterprises uses only the best components from select reputable vendors like Rockwell Automation, Allen Bradley, and Rosenboom Hydraulics.  99% of our vendors are from the United States and all of our steel used in our manufacturing processes quality American made steel.

what makes harmony different

Harmony offers 24 hour service coverage throughout the US.

Exceptional Service. Harmony provides 24 hour customer service coverage throughout the United States.  This helps to ensure that your equipment will be maintained, serviced, and up and running with as little downtime as possible.

Total Solutions Provider.  Harmony manufactures over 40 different balers, compactors, and liquid extraction machines.  We also offer multiple accessories, like bale carts, lift carts, baling wire, and waste bags.  Our diverse product line provides you with the right solution for your needs and is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

what makes harmony different

Harmony’s employees strive for quality and excellence in customer satisfaction.

Our People.  Our employees make the difference! They are committed, passionate, innovative, have the courage to make a difference, and enhance our shared experience.  Their dedication, expertise, industry knowledge, and professionalism allow us to satisfy customers in over 80 countries around the world!

Rental And Financing Options. Harmony Enterprises recognizes that everyone has a different budget and that the ability to make capital expenditures changes over time.  That is why Harmony Equipment Rental offers rental options that handle freight, installation, and maintenance.  Harmony also provides lease options, as well as resources on available grants and changes in tax policies.

Insite Technology. One of our biggest differentiators is our affordable monitoring solutions for balers and compactors.  Insite Technology allows you to track the use of your equipment in real time, sending you messages when your baler or compactor need to be emptied or serviced.  This helps with scheduling and maximizing the use of your equipment.

Parts Availability. Harmony is one of the only manufactures that guarantees parts availability for 20 years.  We understand that you may need replacement parts and know that our equipment will stand the test of time.

Family Owned – Community Driven. Harmony’s Core Purpose is Career, Community, Culture.  Our business was founded on the notion of providing meaningful employment opportunities for our local residents.  Our shared success has positive benefits for our regional community.

Solar Power Charge out of winter

Harmony Enterprises’ Solar Compactor At Use At Our Production Facility

We Practice Sustainability. Not only is our www.harmony1.com website a resource for recycling and waste handling news, we practice what we preach.  Harmony recycles cardboard, aluminum, plastic, and scrap steel.  We also recycle our paint in creative ways and pass the benefit on to our customers.  We use LED lights in our facility and solar power on our outdoor compactors to reduce energy consumption.

We Listen. Harmony reaches out to its vendors, customers, community, and employees on a regular basis for feedback.  We offer customer satisfaction surveys as well as surveys to our Interested Parties and internal customers.  By listening to understand, rather than respond, we all do better.

ISO Certification/EOS System. Harmony is an ISO 9001:2015 company that also operates under the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS Worldwide).  These two systems allow us to improve our people and processes and operate on a quality management system with the utmost efficiency.

Harmony.  Different. Exceptional.  Better.

There is a lot to what makes Harmony different.  One thing is clear. Harmony IS different, exceptional, better.  If you are interested in learning how we can help you with your waste handling and recycling needs, please call us at 507-886-6666, or Contact Us today!

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