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What material cannot be sorted by the Eddy Current Separator?

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The eddy current separator is a sorting technique that utilizes the difference in the magnetic induction strength generated by the electrical conductivity of each substance. It is known that the sorting machine knows that the eddy current sorting machine needs to remove the iron when it is used. Note that the eddy current sorter is not able to sort the iron-containing materials. When it is used, it cannot happen when the iron is imported, which seriously affects the progress of our work. The eddy current sorting machine reacts to the eddy current inside the iron-containing material, causing high temperature inside the iron element. After a large amount of continuous iron feeding for a long time, the high temperature generated inside the iron will burn the conveyor belt on the surface of the eddy current sorting drum, and then the vortex The magnetic separator of the current sorter causes different degrees of damage, or the high temperature of more than 200 degrees will cause the magnetic strength of the magnetic roller of the scoring machine to be attenuated and demagnetized.

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