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What’s happening with the age old LIMS and Why ELN now?

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There is a nice anecdote I wanted to start with. When the market keeps buying what you produce, there is no need to spend time and money on R&D or develop new solutions. This is akin to the great one and only “Ambassador” car of India which was a 1957 “British Morris Oxford Series III” car. The car had very limited challenge until the Japanese came to India in 1982 and the post 90s opening up of economy.

Coming to LIMS

LIMS the abbreviation introduced by HP in 1979 remained un-challenged until recently when people started making noise about the so called Electronic Lab Notebooks or Method execution systems . I have been hearing this terminology (ELN) for more than a decade and in those days it meant that you are talking about research data capture (chemical structure drawing, procedure recording blah-blah). Recent

Whenever a new concept is introduced it takes a pretty long time for people to get to the level of becoming prevalent solution. ELN is one such solution.

Typical classical LIMS (if i may call it that way) had the capability of recording final results of tests that are conducted in a laboratory. 

So what?

Yes this may be excellent for many laboratories who are worried about the final results. Think regulated laboratory! But what do they do to get their final results?  Off course the lab technician is armed with his worksheet paper and method of analysis to record everything in between.  Little did the poor guys who use LIMS talk about this major part of an analyst’s workload.

ELN is a boon for LIMS users who are interested in

1.       Closing the Gap that LIMS cannot handle

2.       Becoming paperless

3.       Better Compliance

4.       Interface Instruments as well

5.       Save time in recording and calculations

6.       Save more than 50% in review and approval time

Agaram’s LogiLab ELN is a straight fit to any lab that already has a LIMS and is interested in implementing this next generation solution to enhance your labs performance. Click to learn more agaramtech storefront. 

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