What`s new in drilling aids: dips


Courtesy of Rocscience Inc.

This article looks at some of the recent developments in software designed to give the driller futher assistance in his operations and to facilitate his understanding of the subsurface geology, in a variety of drilling areas: waterwell, mineral exploration, civil engineering, etc.

GeoDrilling International is always pleased to hear from companies supplying and developing drilling related software to the industry globally, and for a variety of different drilling sectors, and welcomes further contributions along the liens of this article.

During July this year Rocscience Inc. released its new Windows program, DIPS (5.0). Rocscience Inc. is a software development and research company that writes and distrubuted 2D and 3D geomechanics software for the civil engineering and mining industries DIPS (5.0) for Windows is an all new versions of the company's popular stereographic projection program for orientation-based geological data, DIPS has always been one of its most popular programs, with over 1,000 registered users worldwide.

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