What’s the difference between impact crusher, sand making machine and cone sand making machine?

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If you want to make sand, the impact sand making machine must be the best choice in impact crusher, sand making mamchine, cone sand making machine, because this series is specializing in the produce 0 to 5 mm size of the material, it is worth noting that China equipment yield is commonly in 50%, mainly depends on your crushing material hardness and the size of the feeding particle size, the smaller the feeding particle size, the higher the production efficiency, conversely, it is lower;

Impact crusher and cone crusher mainly produce the production with 5-65 mm, while the impact crusher produced grain shape is better than cone, cone broken needle flake to more, you ask is too wide, need to be targeted.

Impact crusher finished product granularity accord with standard of system of sand, used for mechanism of sand production and sand making machine for short.

Fine crusher: finished particle size less than 5 mm in crushing equipment.Fine crusher can be divided into four basic categories: hammer type fine crusher, impact type fine crusher, roll type fine crusher, coarse grinding machine.

If the stone you crushed are limestone, the jaw crusher is unnecessary, using the hammer crusher as the first crush directly, the next is the sand making machine.If it's hardness, the wear degree is bigger than the limestone, stone such as granite, basalt, suggest use jaw crusher in first crush, the second with a impact crusher or cone crusher, then sand making machine.

Sand making machine performance characteristics:

1. High output, large crushing ratio, fine products granularity.

2. Small limitation power, low power consumption.

3. Simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, low operating cost.

4. Crushing cavity open convenient, easy to replace parts, mainframe adopts hydraulic cylinder.

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