What`s your mandate?


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CSA America announces the launch of the first personnel certification program in North America for individuals that perform third-party GHG verification services in regulatory and voluntary markets.

Development of the certification program has been led by stakeholders and subject matter experts, including representatives from The Climate Registry, California Climate Action Registry, California Air Resources Board and Chicago Climate Exchange. To become a certified GHG Verifier, candidates are required to demonstrate education and relevant experience before they can take the certification exam. This certification, the first in a series of programs that focus on climate change, complements existing and future accreditation programs and will bring an added level of consistency and confidence to industry and the public that reported GHG emissions data is accurate and complete.

The GHG Verifier certification has been developed, and will be operated and maintained, under the structure of ISO 17024 Conformity assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons - and accreditation to this standard will be sought after one full year of operation.

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