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What You Need To Know About Baler or Compactor Service


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Any business owner can tell you that when equipment goes down, time is of the essence.  This is certainly true with waste and recycling equipment.  Backroom safety, cleanliness, and recycling revenue are all diminished by broken equipment.  The ability to contact a service technician or order parts in a timely manner is critical.  Taking the time to search out reliable baler or compactor service companies in your area can be just as costly.

When your baler or compactor breaks down, what options do you have?

  • Try to fix it yourself. This is not recommended.  Even if you have qualified service personnel on staff, any work that they do might further damage the machine.  It can also void the warranty.
  • Google search baler or compactor service and parts. This is likely to yield a high volume of possibilities, but deciding which service provider is right for you may prove to be difficult. Clicking through multiple ads and websites can be time consuming.
  • Contact the manufacturer. Although this is a good way to order replacement parts, the manufacturer contact information may not be readily available. You might not reach an actual person or receive an email response for days, and the equipment provider may not even offer service.

Before you contact a service provider or manufacturer, be sure to have the model, serial number, part number (if you need a specific part and have the Owner’s Manual), and a description of the item(s) or service needed.

If you have the equipment information, but are not sure of the parts or service needed, let the service company know that you need diagnostic evaluations done to determine the cause of the equipment failure.

What you should expect from your baler or compactor service or parts provider:

  • The ability to talk with a live person when you call. Many manufacturers enlist the help of automated phone services that simply cannot relate to your needs and help you in an efficient, empathetic, or personable way.
  • The ability to service or provide parts for any make or model machine, not just their own.
  • 24 hour response time. When your equipment is down, you cannot afford to wait more than a day to get a response on your inquiry.
  • Geographic coverage. You shouldn’t be the one who has to do the legwork to find service providers in your area.  Quality customer service centers should shoulder that burden.  They should have a network of technicians that cover all geographic locations in all of US and Canada.
  • Capability for 3rd party work-throughs. Your baler and compactor service company should be able to enlist the resources of local haulers, parts distributors, etc., to provide a swift and satisfactory resolution to your equipment problems.
  • Be a solutions provider. It is not acceptable for a service company or manufacturer to come back to your request for help without a quote for repair, parts, or new equipment.  True service means that your need gap is filled with the right solution, every time.
  • Historical documentation of your equipment, baler or compactor service, and parts. In order to provide you with the right solution, this information is necessary.  It also helps with planning of preventive maintenance and warranty.
  • A way to easily create service tickets, manage documents and photos, track ETA’s, invoicing, etc. You have enough to do running a business.  You don’t need to take the unnecessary time of follow up communications when they can all be accessible through cloud based dashboards.

What you may not know

People have trusted Harmony Enterprises as the industry-leading manufacturer of balers and compactors for nearly 50 years.  What most people do not know is that Harmony is also the complete solutions provider of world-class customer service and parts distribution.

When your waste and recycling equipment breaks down, regardless of make or model, Harmony will respond with personal communication within 24 hours.  Our baler or compactor service coverage includes the entire United States and Canada.  Harmony willingly works with third parties to make sure that we provide you with the most efficient service solution possible.  We manage accurate historical data of both service and equipment.  Harmony can provide you with the most innovative customer service software to help you manage your equipment service.

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