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Whay sanitation solved FOG problems


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CASE HISTORY: Mr. Henery Whay of 1 Whay Sanitation Company
1740 Irvington Road Weems, VA 22576 (804 435 0945). Reports the following results.

Background: Whay Sanitation Company operates a large septic collection facility to break down septic and restaurant grease trap waste (30,000 gallons/day). They have been an AquaClean user for several years however recently developed a new marketing program.

Grease Problem: Whay’s septic waste receiving station consists of a 1000 gallon dump station and screen area with discharge to a 500 gallon distribution tank that distributes the waste to two 10,000 gallon biological tanks. The 500 gallon distribution tank had a continued problem of heavy grease accumulation on its surface, with large grease balls that were like watermelons.

Trail Treatment: Based on recent results seen with AquaClean /HC in grease traps, Henry and his maintenance supervision decided to add one gallon of AquaClean /HC to the 500 gallon distribution tank to see what effect AquaClean /HC would have on the surface grease matt.

AquaClean/HC Results: The following day they inspected the tank and were amazed to find there were no more large grease balls or grease chunks. With the results they had witnessed they decided to add an addition gallon of AquaClean /HC to the 500 gallon tank to determine what effect this would have on the remaining grease matt. The following evening they inspected the tanks and found the tanks completely free of grease deposits, with no trace of surface grease in the waste receiving distribution tank. Henry advised AquaClean’s performance is simply amusing “he has never seen any thing work like “AquaClean /HC” on grease deposits.

Do You Have Problems With Grease: If you or your customers have a GREASE PROBEM put AquaClean /HC to the test and see what benefits you will receive. Nothing works like AquaClean /HC, effective and cost efficient.

AQUACLEAN cultures are manufactured for BluePlanet by Ecological Laboratories, Inc with over 27 years experience in the field of industrial microbiology.

AQUACLEAN represents a novel culture consortium that differs from all other commercial bio-formulations.

AQUACLEAN utilizes a proprietary “5 day” mixed fermentation and facultative anaerobic growth process that results in a culture consortium with exceptional performance in facultative anaerobic and anaerobic environments, the conditions that exist in grease traps, septic systems and corresponding absorption fields.

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