When going green saves money, water, the soil, and plant life


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In the current economy, finding solutions to cut water consumption while reducing the expense of fertilizer has caught the interest of the agricultural industry, lawn care professionals, homeowners and gardeners across the country.

Even though the rising cost of water garners little attention in the news, water prices have doubled and tripled in many parts of the nation. In the end, that steady drip, drip, drip we are all experiencing in our pocketbooks isn’t likely to go away given the uphill battle municipalities must wage against ageing water systems.

Over the past decade the harmful effects of fertilizer has been a hot topic, especially since the EPA’s Office of Pesticides Programs announced the leading 12 pesticides in the United States contain ingredients that are known carcinogens.

That is just the beginning of concerns over chemical fertilizer. Quick-release fertilizers have led to dangerous oxygen loss in waterways due to runoff emptying into bodies of water. In ever increasing occurrences, the high nitrogen carried by this runoff has led to out of control algae which then threaten the health of humans, fish and wildlife. In fact, blue-green algae, the most aggressive of algae, thrive on nitrogen-rich fertilizer, and have been linked to the recent illness and deaths of humans, livestock and pets in many parts of the country.

Organic fertilizer is one option, but the cost can be ten times greater than non-organic fertilizer and its application is extremely labor intensive. Most problematic for users of organic fertilizers is its limited availability. Additionally, organic fertilizer does not go far enough to solve the ever rising cost of water consumption for the agriculture industry, landscapes and domestic gardens.

It’s not all downhill from here, however. Biological Tech Solutions saw the need to lower water consumption needs both in agricultural and domestic applications while reducing fertilizer use which can negatively impact the ecosystem. And they did it in a manner that frees up labor and the strain on your pocketbook. Their Super Soil Booster converts lost nutrients in the soil to the plant, leading to lush vegetation. It also allows plants to absorb water more efficiently, reducing water needs. Their vigorous biotechnology process fertilizer enriches plants much more effectively, leading to bountiful plants and landscapes. The following are just some of the highlights of Biological Tech Solutions Super Soil Booster:


  • Deeper Roots – Up to 300% More Root Volume and Mass
  • Better Soil - Restores soil back to its natural state
  • Reduce Water - Will increase the soils water holding capacity
  • Reduce Fertilizer - Make your nutrients more effective, up to 500%
  • Non-toxic - Microbial technology is 100% safe for people, pets, and livestock
  • Environmentally Safe - Helps eliminate fertilizer run-off
  • Saves you money - By reducing your fertilizer cost
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint

Now would be a good time to call a Biological Tech Solution representative at 417-449-4185 for more information on how you can lower your water consumption and fertilizer use while improving soil, plant life, production and the ecosystem.

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