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when we buy hydraulic Spiral pile drill ,what should we do

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when we buy hydraulic Spiral pile drill ,what should we do?
Spiral pile is a kind of spiral features of the drill pile, since the invention since the replacement of the traditional concrete pillars and towers. Spiral ground piles are widely used in: solar base connection (photovoltaic project), fixed fence, fence, flagpole, signage, activity board room and so on. The installation of the spiral pile is inseparable from the help of the earth auger.
Spiral ground pile rig is a very professional drilling and piling equipment, because the spiral pile and drill pipe principle is basically the same, so the use of the equipment for drilling and piling operations is extremely reasonable, then the purchase of the equipment needs Pay attention to what issues, this article on a comprehensive introduction and elaboration of such issues.
Want to buy high-quality spiral ground pile drilling machine, we must pay attention to the following details of the equipment during the purchase:
  1, firstly looking at its quality: the better the quality of equipment used in the longer life. Users in the purchase of equipment in the process, it is necessary to carry out a detailed observation of the equipment to see what material is made of it, what is the use of technology, so that in order to ensure that the combination of high-quality spiral pile to buy rig.
  2, followed by the operation of the equipment to see the state: the factors generally refers to the spiral ground pile drilling machine in the normal use of the process whether there are abnormal phenomena, such as noise, work card Dayton and so on. So at the scene, we must first on the spiral pile drilling machine to try to start, check the performance of products and their operations. Pick out a good performance of the spiral pile drilling rig is the user in the purchase process one of the most concerned about the factors.
  3, the last look at the efficiency of the equipment: As we all know, high efficiency of the spiral pile drilling rig construction process will be faster, Beiyi machinery on the spiral pile drilling rig in the operating efficiency is also particularly important, the production cited US imports of hydraulic Motor, high-precision gears and other advanced technology. Facts have proved that our work efficiency is very high, so the user to create the benefits will be higher.


Product Structure of Spiral Ground Pile Drill
Spiral Ground Pile Drill Manufacturer Advantages - Beiyi Machinery
1, its safety factor is very high, where the main equipment of the device - the protection of the components in the process plays a decisive role, so you can avoid the equipment more damage.
2, compared with the previous generation of equipment, it is more energy-saving environmental protection, the impact on the surrounding environment is also very small, which is the trend of the times the specific performance, such equipment favored, sales have been greatly improved.

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