Where do the US presidential candidates stand on energy efficiency?

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We know that what a political candidate says during a campaign often differs from what the eventual office-holder does. We also know that candidates choose their words carefully to give themselves wiggle room for modifications in course. So we listen for innuendo and subtleties when candidates talk about our special interests. What kind of qualifying language do they use? Are they truly against X, Y and Z, or only under special circumstances?

Below are some quotes on energy efficiency from President Barack Obama and Republican front-runner Mitt Romney. I’ll start with Romney since his stand is less clear, at least to me. Romney pushed a green agenda while Governor of Massachusetts, but recently attacked renewable energy as “imaginary.” He doesn’t, however, appear to direct the same criticism at energy efficiency


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Elisa Wood

Elisa Wood is a writer who specializes in energy. She has been a regular contributor to  McGraw-Hill/Platts Energy for two decades. She also writes for AOL Energy, Renewable Energy World magazine, Power Engineering International, Energy Risk and others. She is the author of PennWell`s US Guide to Renewable Energy and US Guide to Combined Heat & Power Companies. Her blog on energy efficiency appears weekly on several energy sites. Samples of her work are available at www.RealEnergyWriters.com


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