Where there’s muck there’s mono nov


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Although essentially a waste product, the system maximises the fertilising quality of the cattle slurry by spraying the water content over crops and grazing areas.

The system in place at Chesterton, devised in conjunction with NC Agricultural Engineering, removes water
from cattle waste and feeds it into the pump which is mounted in the farmyard. The Merlin pump has the capacity to
handle up to 3,000 l/h and is connected to pulser devices situated in various fields up to 1000m away. The pulser is fitted with a bladder accumulator, which discharges the liquid when the pressure reaches 71/2 bar.

The Merlin pump was favoured due to its excellent solids handling capabilities, larger cavity size and its self priming ability, enabling the water component of the slurry to be delivered at a constant flow rate. Peter Russell, Managing Director at Midland Slurry Systems expressed his satisfaction at the continued reliable service from Mono. “The service we have received from Mono has been outstanding, particularly in terms of technical know-how, and their ability to provide us with spare parts at a moments notice”.

Midland Slurry Systems has installed similar units incorporating a variety of progressing cavity pumps from Mono at over thirty farms in the Midlands area.

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