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Where to use Outdoor Noise Monitoring Equipment?


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Noise monitoring equipment is required for environmental noise applications that need to be monitored over a period of time and where a hand-held sound level meter taking on the spot noise measurements would not be suitable.

Noise Monitoring Equipment from Cirrus Environmental

The Invictus range can cover any environmental noise application, from short-term monitoring requirements where the equipment can be packed up and moved between multiple locations quickly and easily to track the different boundary points from the noise source, whilst wirelessly communicating and reporting to the noise analysis software. Or larger long-term installations where the fully-weather protected monitors can be installed for longer monitoring periods.

Our noise monitoring equipment comes available with our full flexible service packages covering the lifetime maintenance and support the equipment. Compatibility with the Noise-Hub2 web-based noise management software for communication & management of your monitors with live reporting and analysis features. Noise monitoring equipment rental is available as a cost-effective solution for short-term noise monitoring projects.

Invictus Environmental Noise Monitoring Equipment

Invictus Portable Noise Monitor
The portable invictus noise monitoring equipment was purpose designed features for short-term environmental noise monitoring with its ease of setup and long battery running time.

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Invictus Semi-Permanent Noise Monitor
The semi-permanent invictus is designed for medium & long-term noise monitoring as its easy to install standalone or wall mounted and can be moved easily when required.

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Invictus Permanent Noise Monitor
The permanent invictus is housed in a secure standard street lighting pole for long-term noise monitoring applications and can be used in busy industrial & urban environments.

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Environmental Noise Monitoring Equipment & Noise Sensors

Galactus Integrated Monitor
The Galactus monitor provides an industry standard RS232 data stream that can contain a wide range of acoustic parameters which is ideally suited for integration with airport & environmental noise monitoring systems.

MK:427 Noise Sensor
The MK:427 Sensor is an integrated noise measurement outdoor noise microphone with a 4-20mA current loop. The sensor is designed to convert the noise level in decibels into an industry standard 4-20mA output.

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