Whether your organization has 1, 100, 1,000, or 100,000+ employees, there`s an online learning solution perfect for you!


Courtesy of FirstNet Learning, Inc.

We were recently asked by Training Tech Talk for our input on the best practices for choosing (or re-choosing, as the case may be) a Learning Management System (LMS). There are literally hundreds of systems available today. Choosing the LMS that’s right for your organization does not need to induce migraines, nor cost an arm, a leg, and the other leg. One of the best things about online learning is its simplicity - - and the process to choose your LMS should be simple as well.

FirstNet recommends that organizations seek out hosted, turn-key, cost-effective solutions from vendors that provide the flexibility to address their specific training needs. Ideally, the LMS provider should offer a complete solution; in other words, their offering should include not only the LMS but also content, both off-the-shelf and custom, as well as add-on modules such as classroom, event, and resource management.

Your LMS should:

  • be hosted -- hosted systems are MUCH more affordable in both the short and long term
  • be truly hosted – the LMS provider includes all services to make the system run
  • support a wide variety of end-user browsers and operating systems
  • provide Level 1 user support and Level 2 administrator support
  • provide the customization and flexibility your organization needs

Your LMS should not:

  • for most organizations, cost more than 5 figures -- in fact, good solutions are available in the low 5 figures; rarely should it cost more
  • chronically charge for incidentals – the LMS provider should be your partner and the price should be the price
  • take more than 60 days from signing the contract to launch date
  • be “one size fits all”…because it never does
  • be difficult to implement
  • require an organization to hire or appoint employees to manage the system internally

Finding the right LMS is about more than finding the right technology. It’s about finding a real online learning solution from an organization that will truly be your partner.

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