Which Portable Dust Collector Is Right for Your Workplace?


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When it comes to clean air regulations and dust collection systems, then these are nothing new. However, the new thing is the pressure that is being put on the implementation of those regulations. Even the smallest of companies and shops go through expensive fines if they do not obey this rule. Small areas may not need air filtration frequently and may also not have the required space to install a dust collection system. However, this is where a portable dust collector comes in and solves the problem for you. As well as conserving space in your working area, it can also offer a versatile unit, which is easily portable.

It says it all on the box. If it’s called a portable dust collector, then it must be portable. Portability is the main advantage of this unit, as it can easily be moved, unlike the majority of dust collection systems. You can easily move this collector from one work station to another at the drop of a hat. Portability and versatility are the two main factors that make a portable dust collector ideal to be used for maintenance of a restricted or enclosed workspace.

Space Savings
Small shops or even shops don’t tend to have large amount of floor space, which can easily fit a dust collector. However, some may have the floor space, but it wouldn’t be enough for the installation process. Another factor to consider is that you may not even need a dust collector present at all times. This is why portable dust collectors are the perfect choice for you, as they can easily be stored and come out at the click of a finger as soon as the need arises.

A portable dust collector is capable of filtering a variety of pollutants from the air. An individual workspace can consist of fine particles, grinding dust, wood chips or fumes, which this system can easily remove. A food production environment can also benefit from one of these, and the unit can be moved from each work station in pure ease. A dust collector results in cleaner air quality your workers can breathe in, as they will be working in a purely clean and healthier environment. This will also enhance their overall performance.

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