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Which waste fraction makes the most lucrative shredding business?

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Are you specialised in one waste fraction or do you shred all of them? Wood, domestic waste, tyres?

Of course, lucrativeness of different waste fractions is largely dependent on the costs of shredding them. Then there are the restrictions your machinery might have. Is you shredder suitable for all fractions or is it optimised for only one type of waste? And if you can use it for shredding different fractions, how long does it take to change the set-up?

When designing the TANA Shark, one of our specific goals was to create a shredder that would make it easy to change the shredded waste fractions on the fly. That's why we took special care in designing our bolt-on, reversible cutting knives and adjustable counter knives. Thanks to them, you are not tied to one fraction only, but can flexibly shred any soft materials with the same knives. I'm sure that you can see the time savings – previously it has easily taken one working day to change the knives!

It is also worth noting that using Tana's cutting knives saves fuel compared to using crushing knives. With Shark's opening side door and easy removal of non-crushables, precious time is also saved and uptime maximised.

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