White Paper - CIP Guidelines For Using IPC Detergents


Cip Guidelines For Membrane Cleaning With Micro-90® Concentrated Cleaning Solution, Micro® Green Clean Biodegradable Cleaner, Micro® Ao7 Concentrated Citric Acid Cleaner, Zymit® Pro Enzyme CleanerWhen one of the following conditions occur, the membranes should be cleaned:

a. Flux rate decreases by 10%

b. Trans-membrane pressure (TMP) increases by 10%

c. Permeate water quality decreases by 10%

Based on the membrane foulants, MICRO-90®*, MICRO® A07, MICRO® GREEN CLEAN, ZYMIT® PRO or a combination may be needed to clean and return the membranes to their original specifications. See the list of foulants below to determine the optimal cleaner(s). 

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