White Paper: Dose Rate Mapping

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Courtesy of Geovariances

The objective of any serious mapping is to obtain a realistic and reliable image of the studied phenomenon. Concerning dose rate, maps are often derived from punctual measurements interpolated using deterministic methods. Sometimes, the choice of the inverse distance squared weighted interpolation is wrongly justified by the fact that the dose rate issued from a punctual source is theoretically inversely proportional to the squared distance between the source and the measurement point.

Through this white paper, find out why this inverse distance squared weighted interpolation is not the appropriate method for dose rate mapping and why the geostatistical approach by kriging is the solution for a quality and reliable mapping.

Geovariances has been applying this geostatistical approach for more than fifteen years in the  framework of characterization and remediation projects of sites contaminated with radionuclides (for CEA, Andra, etc.). 

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