White Paper - Four Membrane Cleaning Profile


Four Membrane Cleaning Profiles With Micro-90® Alkaline Cleaning Solution, Micro® Green Clean Biodegradable Cleaner And Micro® A07 Citric Acid Cleaner


Fouling and cleaning profiles of four types of filter membranes were obtained using MICRO-90®, MICRO® GREEN CLEAN and/or MICRO® A07. Simulated fouling processes were performed by using either a synthetic oil emulsion or a combination of the synthetic oil emulsion and a calcium acetate salt bridge mixture. Excellent recovery of permeate flux was obtained with the lowest to be 96.0%. The results prove that MICRO-90®, MICRO® GREEN CLEAN and MICRO® A07 are effective at cleaning these types of membranes.

In all four trials, some delamination of the membranes occurred around their perimeters, probably due to the seeding of the membranes in the filtration unit.

Some flux variation occurred during the trials because the optimal pressure of each membrane was controlled manually. This can be seen in instances where the flux rate exceeds 100%. 

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