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Who Can Benefit from PWR`s Plasma Gasification? What are the Applications?

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Plasma Waste Recycling, Inc's unique and patent-pending Plasma Arc Gasification process gasifies, rather than incinerates, waste into energy.

Using a 100% oxygen free process and the extreme high temperatures created through a blend of tried-and-true technologies utilizing a non-incinerating plasma arc method, all types of waste can be broken down into three primary outputs. The majority of output is a Synthetic Gas (SynGas) that is more efficient than natural gas for use in steam turbines. The PWR process takes a fraction of the overal energy produced by the SynGas output. Additional outputs are a small percentage of metals that can be sold to industrial steel mills and a non-toxic, non-leakable building material slag.

Fundamentally, as long as local, regional and national guidelines are followed for transportation, receipt, storage, handling, monitoring and documentation of hazardous materials are followed, PWR's process can gasify and recycle most hazardous wastes, whether medical, industrial or chemical.

Benefits or Applications of PWR's Plasma Arc Gasification include:

- Superior Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) recycling
- Reduction of Landfill use and Municipality costs
- Better utilization of curb recycled materials
- Reduction of Municipality recycling costs
- Reduction of risk to water table contamination
- Reduces CO2 emissions by reducing reliance on carbon-burning fuels for the power grid
- Changes waste from a cost to a revenue for Municipalities
- Doesn't have the 'power transportation issues' that new solar and wind farms face due to lack of power distribution in those remote areas.

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