WHO initiate air quality awareness in Central Africa

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has initiated a programme for raising awareness of air pollution problems in Central Africa. Norwegian institute for Air Research (NILU) was requested to take a lead role. Funds were made available from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a first seminar was launched at the end of February 2002 in Lagos Nigeria.

The seminar was hosted by the Government of Nigeria, through its Federal Ministry of Environment, in collaboration with NILU; the World Health Organisation (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland; and Queensland University in Australia.

In an address made by the Honourable Minister of State, Chief Imeh T Okopido it was expressed that the Government of Nigeria is keen on developing a functional and result-oriented air quality management programme that will address both indoor and outdoor air pollution problems including their impacts on human health.

WHO initiate air quality awareness in Central Africa

The air pollution management programme would include identification and establishment of air pollution monitoring stations in different parts of the country; development of methodology and air monitoring network adapted to specific needs; and establishment of a national air quality database, which is linked into the global air quality network.

NILU supported the programme through presentations of key issues related to air pollution problems in Africa. Contacts have been established with African experts and progress in future establishment of air quality planning programmes may floow from the co-operation between Norwegian and African experts.

WHO initiate air quality awareness in Central Africa

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