Who`s on Your A-Team?

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I’m a fortunate person.  I’ve never once doubted that, but I sometimes forget to lend it the credence it deserves.

I’ve had the opportunity in my life to build a very successful and respected career out of a job that I consider to be one of the most fun and fascinating things I could have ever done with my time.  Sure, a lot of people say that they get to go to a job that they love, but I often wonder how many of them really mean it; how many of them really love going to work.  I know I sure do, and I have been honoured to work with a few individuals across the country who I know feel the same way.  I’ve never made any bones about it – I’m a better person at what I do simply due to the calibre of people that I have worked with.  My world doesn’t allow for any smoke and mirror tricks – you either can do what you say or you can’t.  It’s just that simple.


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