Who Says Sorbents Cannot Eliminate Flammability ?

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Courtesy of Safety DImensions (SDI)

This presentation aims to show the basis for the explosion-hazard elimination action of this microporous zeolitic sorbent.

This absorbent spill cleanup-up product is intended for application to flammable liquid spills in order to reduce the flammability hazard and to generate a product that may be disposed of as waste with no flammability hazard. 

In order to achieve an appropriate reduction of the spilled liquid flammability, it is recommended that the product be applied in the Sorbent:Spilled Liquid ratio of about 10 to 12 parts sorbent to one part liquid by weight. This ratio had been shown to achieve a spilled liquid cleanup residue flash point of >140 oF for most liquids, this being the flash point above which waste is categorized as having no flammability hazard. 


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