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Why are waste operations installing on-board scales?

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Given the rising cost of operating waste collection vehicles, it is becoming more important to evaluate the use of on-board weighing systems to reduce operating costs, meet new safety standards and improve fleet efficiency.

Electronic on-board scales are not new. They were introduced more than 30 years ago into trucking applications where monitoring gross vehicle or payload weight was necessary, but platform scales were not readily available.

Over the years, improvements were added to these early electronic on-board scales. Load cells were improved and specialty load cells were developed for fifth wheels, center hangers, single points and most other types of spring suspensions. Strain gage based air sensors were added for an increasing number of air ride suspensions and suspension transducers for spring suspensions. Hydraulic sensors were designed for vehicles equipped with hydraulic lift cylinders. Today, on-board scales can be installed on any truck or trailer with air, spring or mixed suspensions.

Key Benefits
Based on this product evolution, the applications for on-board scales are rapidly expanding and are found in almost every trucking industry. Organizations using on-board scales are reaping benefits far beyond just monitoring gross vehicle weight to avoid overweight fines. Given the high cost of time and equipment, on-board scales are having a dramatic impact on the efficiency and profitability of operating a truck. Following are the key benefits that on-board scales offer.

Vehicle Efficiency
Optimize residential and commercial vehicle efficiency by hauling the maximum legal payload on every trip to the landfill or transfer station without going to a platform scale.

Eliminate Overweight Fines
Drivers will always know their gross vehicle and axle weights to avoid overweight ticket fines and possible CDL restrictions.

Transfer Trailer Load Weight
Load transfer trailers to the maximum legal weight quickly at the loading point, without waiting in scale lines or driving to the nearest platform scale. Never have to off-load and then re-load to get it right.

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