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Cyanide in your Juice? Mercury in your chicken soup? Your well water seems a little brown? Your wine causes you to pucker?

There is a way to test for unknowns in solutions, waters and fluids. A colorimeter used to interpret the absorbance and/or transmittance of light entering a fluid, may be the way.

Colorimetry the interpretation of colors in fluids has been refined so that the modern colorimeter can tell you the concentration of Cyanide, Mercury and Tannins to list a few. Simply add the prescribed reagent to the stew and voila, read the meter.

The modern colorimeter is a special spectrophotometer. There are many instruments that provide Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) but few that can give you ion specific results.  The colorimeter is designed to see variations in colors that provides the environmentalist a quantitative result for ion type and concentration.

Cyanide in solution is used to dissolve gold. Throughout the world cyanide is the compound of choice for gold extraction. The process, if unencumbered with sulfides or other sticky metals, can be a dangerous business at best. But, with a colorimeter, the absence or concentration of cyanide can be determined. Also, a pH meter would be handy. Keep the solution alkaline and well above pH of 10. If not, Cyanide gas, can come out of solution. And you know what that means.

Wine is better and more long lasting with tannins. The aging potential of red wine can be estimated if one knows the amount of tannins in the final product. The portable hand held colorimeter can go into the aging room to help in planning of that barreled wine. Into the wine sample goes Tungsto-Molybdophosphoric Acid, the Test Method reagent mix. The Smart3 Colorimeter manufactured by LaMotte reads the color spectrum produced. Tannins are the product of the test now shown on the ample LCD of the colorimeter.

So why buy a Colorimeter? Buy it to improve your production of gold and wine and up to 75 other test reasons.

Robert Misen

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