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Why China mold costs differ so much from different companies?

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Mold cost is another headache problem for worldwide customers. Many clients of mine ask me why your mold cost is much higher, compared to the quotation of other factories, it seems all the same. 

This article I will tell you the truth, also share you how to find the most suitable mold cost. 

Maybe for a mould project, price difference can reach about 30% or more or less, I don't feel strange, because here is in China. Most of people promise you A, but after you confirm order and give deposit, they give you B! And the difference between A and B is huge! For example they quoted you P20 China, but they don't use real P20, they bought 45C, then heat treatment it, the hardness only on surface of steel, inside steel very soft! 

I do not agree China mold is bad, actually it is more and more good. But above issue is real exist, at the same time, worldwide customers do not know which Chinese mold maker is good quality, those bad businessmen catch this loophole, thus influence the reputation of China mold. 

How we do? We use not only the real prehardened steel with HRC required, but also we make standard mold base, it can be any international standard like DME or Hasco! Only these 2 points 30% difference in price is not enough to pay for them. Also our molds will be built adjustment and easy to maintain, because we put lots of wear plates to protect all places easier to get worn. 

Regarding how to find the most right mold cost, if you have any interest, feel free to contact me, I will tell the steel cost, then you can calculate. 


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