Why choose Sialex over traditional salt based Ion Exchanger

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Courtesy of Phoenix Ring Manufaktur UG

We are regularly asked to compare our product with that of competitors. The market place for 'Scale and Corrosion' control devices is large and there ae many different offerings. Customers select products based upon many parameters. Some parameters are emotional others purely objective. Most products for sale have positives to offer.

Sometimes the message presented to the potential customer can be ambiguous and in some cases simply misleading. We do not claim to have the best solution for everyone. We do, however, offer a credible alternative solution to the more traditional 'water softener' offerings on the market.

In the attached article, we compare our product with what we believe would be comparable water softeners (salt based) to address the water handling demands of residential as well as industry users. The customers require that Scaling and Corrosion is controlled. The householder is still required to clean bathrooms and showers. The industrial user should still check key metrics measuring the performance of their water infrastructure. All good housekeeping / business practices. 

Why use Sialex® instead of a traditional 'Water Softener'? the answer is our systems do not require an additional consumable to operate nor do they generate 'waste' which must be treated after leaving the waste water system of the home or the enterprise. They are easy to install without disrupting water supply during installation. They have no moving parts so nothing to wear out or require replacing. They do not require an external power source. They are 'long life'.

The devices are cost effective when compared with the commonly used system of today (salt based ion exchangers).

We have selected 'middle of the road' devices (not the least expensive and not the most expensive units) for comparative purposes. We have selected residential as well as commercial units. Finally, we added a 'Real world' example based upon an installation we had made in 2007.

Equipment prices will vary. Consumables as well as installation / maintenance costs may also differ across regions. Sometimes the true cost of a product or service can be lost or hidden in the detail. Yet the most obvious question when deciding upon a capital investment should be 'Does it fulfil the task I require it to do?' 'How much does it cost to purchase?' 'How much does it cost to maintain and operate?' If nothing else perhaps this article will prompt questioning of the true cost of operating water softeners from both an environmental as well as more pragmatic monetary perspective.

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