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Courtesy of Eldan Recycling A/S

  • Recycling areas: AluminiumCableElectronic Waste (WEEE)Tyre
  • Company name: Remat Bucuresti Sud S.A.
  • Located: Bucharest, Romania
  • Founded: 2003
  • Employees: 180

REMAT Bucuresti Sud S.A is a part of REMATHOLDING CO. SRL group. REMATHOLDING was founded in 2003 as a recycler of metallic and non-metallic scrap. Today they have the most compact and extended waste collecting network in the South and Eastern part of Romania, owning the largest machining railway network in Bucharest and the most complex transporting system for waste ( auto and by train). They take care of all the steps of the recycling process – from collection through to recycling and finally for resale. They collect and recycle e.g. ferrous and nonferrous waste, scrap metal, WEEE/electronic waste, batteries and accumulators waste, cardboard, paper, plastics of all types and hazardous waste. They are also the main car recycling company in Romania, and buy and dismantle cars and sell auto parts. Employees in group: 450. Turnover 2012: > EUR 33 million (Group: ~ EUR 135 million).