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Why distilled water

'Distillation' is the closest definition of the purest drinking water H20

An undisputed fact!

Without access to clean, safe water - society will be destabilised, says Joan Rose a microbiologist who won the World's most prestigious water prize.

The choice is yours - A chemical cocktail or Drink Distilled water

The World's water is now polluted more than it has ever been.

There are new emerging contaminants found in water supply have become a major concern, the cost to human health is yet unknown, as the effects of these pollutants are still understudied by scientists.

These contaminants are appearing more everyday in our household water supply.

 All over the world a huge amount of oral drugs are prescribed, where up to 90% can pass through the human body, just think about the millions and millions of people on medication, antibiotics, hormone HRT, beta blockers, with many more that are used on a daily basis, the contaminants in these drugs are now showing in many water tables in populated areas in the modern world.

With a growing global population, greater agricultural activity using up to 70% of the worlds water supplies.

This necessity to feed the world, requires the use of fertilisers and inorganic pesticides, ammonia, the run off water, groundwater then returns to the water table not far below the earths surface.

Animal agriculture and farming is a major cause of water pollution, the animal waste, this excretion of urine and manure seeps in to the earth and into the water table and finds its way to rivers and lakes in often reaching the oceans of the world.

The contamination to the water has the capability to have over 40 diseases over 100 viruses to humans, that also has a profound affect on wild animals and fish.

With further contamination from the use of antibiotics and hormones on the animals, poultry (mainly beef and chicken) this adds to this serious problem of water pollution.

Industrial farms that don't have sewerage processing plants, store the animal waste in large lagoons but leakage occurs here too, excessive rain and flooding causes spillage into groundwater and finds its way to lakes, streams and rivers.

Industrial processes use a staggering amount of water, this consumption is already a major drain on the limited supply of the worlds water today, by 2030 it is expected this will rise by 40%. 

During these processes comes a huge amount of waste water, these byproducts contain hundreds of toxic and dangerous substances that are very harmful to humans in some cases cause death.

Although many Industrial companies will have wastewater systems, but even the most sophisticated systems that are most thorough can not remove all the the contaminants and chemicals.

Human effluent plants are often combined with stormwater collection, but heavy rains and storms often cause an overflow where untreated sewerage enters the water supply.

This brief overview although alarming, does not even describe the depth of the problem facing the world today, the need for Distillation, a process that emanates natures own 'Hydrologic water cycle' is essential.