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Why Every EH&S Manager Needs Data Visibility


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Let’s get straight to the point: you don’t become an EH&S manager because you enjoy filing, red tape and filling out endless paperwork. You take on the role because you want to make a difference by creating a safe working environment.

A key part of the role is reporting and analytics and the data visibility that it provides. Data visibility allows you to go beyond just reporting on what’s happened but actually helps to minimize risk, reduce paperwork, regain lost time and even see accidents before they take place.

Here are some of the ways that data visibility helps and why every EH&S Manager needs it:

1. You’ll see accidents before they take place

Quality, regular data offers a glimpse into the future. You’ll spot trends, patterns and emerging risks, enabling you to take action before anything goes wrong.

Having access to cutting-edge analytics will give you a better insight into staff behavior and help you make better decisions. Put simply, you’ll know when people are likely to make painful errors and reduce the risk of them happening.

2. You’ll be able to respond quicker

The combination of future visibility and historical data will give you everything you need to respond quickly to any health and safety emergencies that take place outside of your control. Knowledge of previous events will also mean that you’ll potentially be able to find a solution far quicker.

3. You’ll minimize financial risk

We’ve covered data’s ability to reduce the risk of accidents taking place, but the knock-on effect for the business as a whole shouldn’t be underestimated. The financial risks associated with insurance payouts, disability expenses and loss of working time will also be minimized.

4. You’ll spot procurement opportunities

Visibility of data gives you the opportunity to spot efficiency gaps within business. If similar accidents are taking place regularly and can be attributed to poor infrastructure or use of the incorrect tools, you’ll be able to advise soundly on procurement opportunities.

5. You’ll reduce paperwork

No one likes paperwork. Data visibility will enable you to reduce the amount of red tape and time-consuming manual processes that slow down productivity for everyone. There are countless forms filled out every week for EH&S that could be eradicated if businesses put tools in place to analyze the health and safety performance of the company with actionable data.

6. You’ll contribute to increased employee satisfaction

With accurate insights built on hard facts, you’ll be able to identify risk patterns before anything goes wrong. Employees need to feel safe, and if they know that the EH&S department is constantly tuned into every factor of safety, their satisfaction levels will increase substantially.

7. You’ll regain lost time

How much time do you spend worrying about the lack of foresight your EH&S team has at its disposal? Time spent worrying is time lost, and if you have a solid grasp of the business’s health and safety facts and figures, you’ll regain valuable hours you could better spend on creating a safe working environment.


Information helps you make a difference and the more readily available it is, the bigger impact you can have on the lives of staff and, ultimately, the success of the business. Safety management is far easier when you can take a peek into the future.

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