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Why Everyone Should Drink Filtered Water


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Your body is made up of a lot of water; 60 to 65 percent to be exact. The water that you drink each day helps to replenish your body and give you strength. But, if you’re drinking water that contains heavy amounts of chemicals, metals, and other harmful ingredients, what does that say about your body composition? Untreated water could be responsible for a number of different health and neurological issues. To ensure that you’re as healthy and fit as you can be, it’s important to use biological water system filtration as much as possible. You may find that by making a simple switch, you feel better and more energized.

The Importance of Water

Every function in your body involves the use of water. Your blood stream, nervous system, and tissues all rely heavily on your water consumption to replenish and refuel. Without the necessary amount water, you could suffer from headaches, fatigue, dizziness, depression, kidney stones, skin issues, and trouble concentrating. Children, especially, need to ensure that they’re drinking a proper amount of water because they’re constantly growing.

Filtered vs. Non-Filtered Water

While water is crucial to the health of humans, not all water is created equal. Drinking the right kind of water improves hydration and improves your quality of life. The best kind of water to drink is filtered water. Unfiltered water can carry microorganisms that cause disease and illness when consumed. It can also contain heavy metals like mercury and lead. Depending on the source of the unfiltered water, it may also be contaminated with environmental chemicals. Because it’s difficult to determine if a water source is filtered, it’s best to assume that all water is contaminated and should be filtered.

Filtered water successfully removes bacteria, toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals that have seeped into the water by agricultural, industrial, and mining means. There are various ways to achieve filtered water. No matter the method, it’s a safer option that limits side effects when consumed.

The Best Solution

While filtered water is the best water to drink, it’s important to choose the right filtration system. Many people assume that chlorine tablets are the safest and easiest filtration method. While it’s an efficient way to rid your drinking water of chemicals, it also poses a serious health risk. Chlorine is a known poison. When consumed, it can create extremely unsavory side effects or death. Avoid these repercussions by choosing a safer filtration system.

A biological filtration system doesn’t rely on the addition of any chemicals or substances to remove unwanted elements from water supplies. Instead, it utilizes reverse osmosis. Using a reverse osmosis membrane, toxins, bacteria, and viruses are removed from the water and deemed safe for consumption. These systems can be placed on individual faucets or installed as a complete water system for your home.

It’s time to make a change in how you view your drinking water. Instead of allowing unfiltered water to replenish your body, choose a better way. Whether you choose a small filtration device or opt for a larger system to enact the biological treatment of water, you’ll be left with a cleaner and fresher tasting supply.

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