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Why invest in water and water vending business?


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Why invest in water business?
Because water is a rock-solid growth area.Water will become more scarce in the future because there will be a greater net consumption of water.The water that is now available will become contaminated. Weather conditions around the world are changing drastically and hot temperatures are increasing.

The increased value of water worldwide is an opportunity for investment gains. There is no more fresh water on Earth today than there was a million years ago. Yet today, 6 billion people share it. Since 1950, the world population has doubled, but water use has tripled. Unlike petroleum, no technological innovation can ever replace water.

The central problem is that less than 2% of the world’s ample store of water is fresh. And that amount is bombarded by industrial pollution, disease and cyclical shifts in rain patterns. Its increasing scarcity has impelled private companies and countries to attempt to lock up rights to key sources. Can people live without water? No! Everyone needs to drink clean water and the demand will increase drastically in the coming years

Why invest in water vending machine?
Let us look at the impact of utilizing labor for profit. Business owners
will tell you that managing their labor force is extremely challenging.
Employees are expensive with wages, bonuses, injury insurance, taxes, unemployment insurance, work related injury insurance, medical & dental programs, etc. Regardless of the employee, they have health challenges, take vacations, arrive late, quit and then you start the process again. Ideally there are a maximum of 8 workers per manager. With adding more people you also have to add more managers. With more managers you make a smaller portion of profit. There is a diminishing return on labor.

Machinery is a perfect compliment to your labor force. While machines need to be maintained, they have many distinct advantages over a labor force. They need no training. No sick time. No holidays. Can work 24 hours a day without rest or risk of long term injury. They are never late and never have family emergencies. They are simple and efficient.

DOYEN can either add value and profitability to your existing business, or allow you to start an extremely simple and profitable new business.

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