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Why Is the Wire Stripping Machine So Popular?


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Wire stripping machine, as an environmentally sound and less costly process for material separation, is widely accepted worldwide. Many developed countries use these machines rather than the more expansive cable chopping machines in metal scrap recycling such as India, Pakistan and Saudi Arahia. Wire stripping machines are also used in most developed countries, where these machines are used by utilities, cable manufacturers, cable chopping companies and metal scrap dealers. 

Why is the wire stripping machine so popular? Let me tell you. In contrast to chopping, wire stripping machine can improve the purity of the metal core and insulation materials. It is completely free of conducting metal and, if the user is careful in classifying the cable scrap before it is processed, the tailings can consist of one type of polymer. In this way, both metal and plastic become more easily recyclable. 

Another advantage of wire stripping machine is affordable. Moreover, some processors in those developing countries with low-cost labor simply strip the cable wastes by hand. For example, a processor in Taizhou does this and then recycles the recovered plastic by selling it to others or using it in-house. Therefore, choosing wire stripping machine is a good choice for people of these regions.

Amisy is a professional manufacturer of copper cable granulators and wire stripping machine. Its wire stripping machine not only has the above mentioned advantages, but also has its own characteristics. The most important point of this wire stripping machine is that all its models are CE certificated, a powerful proof of good quality. What’s more, it is equipped with single or three phase motor, a strong heart making the machine have a better performance. Last but not least, it is installed with start and stop button which can ensure safety operation. 

All you need to do is to decide which model of wire stripping machine to choose from, the rest problems are left for us to solve!

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