Why Steamers are Excellent Glass Cleaning Machines?

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Glass cleaning machines are immensely useful because they remove grime and molds from glass surfaces without damaging them. These machines have become the mainstay of many commercial cleaning services. Their durability, efficiency, and versatility make glass cleaning machines one of the most popular types of equipment for commercial cleaning.

Glass cleaning machines, such as steam vapor systems, have many advantages. These machines use little water because they utilize dry vapor to clean hard surfaces. These machines are equipped with a range of detailing tools, so that you can clean glass safely and thoroughly. In addition to squeegees for glass cleaning, these machines also have a range of features designed to clean all types of hard surfaces, starting from tiles to vinyl, laminate floors, ceramic, metal, and sealed hardwood.

Glass cleaning machines help contractors with the task of cleaning mirrors, window panes, fixtures, and other glass surfaces. In addition, these machines can also be used for cleaning countertops and spot cleaning mattresses and upholstery. These machines are known for their advanced features, such as auto refilling boilers and bacteria elimination mechanisms. Not all these machines feature these benefits. You need to choose this equipment carefully, if you want the best performance out of it.

Boiler: Quality and refilling mechanism

The boiler is, perhaps, the most important part of a steam vapor machine. New models of steam cleaning equipment have stainless steel boilers and they are more durable. These boilers are more resilient in face of high temperature. Always check the boiler type before you purchase steam cleaning equipment.

Many commercial steam cleaners have a refilling mechanism that enables easy boiler refilling. Instead of waiting for the boiler to depressurize and then refilling it, you can refill it through a non-pressurized refill chamber. This reduces stoppage time and ensures that you are able to use the steam cleaning equipment for longer durations.

The boiler should ideally have a self cleaning mechanism to prevent scaling. This enhances the boiler's life and reduces maintenance time. Good dealers offer vapor steam cleaners with appropriate boiler warranties. Always purchase vapor steam cleaners with a lifetime warranty on the boiler.

Commercial steam cleaners have the following other useful features:

Vacuum Extraction

A steam cleaner features vacuum extraction and is one of the best pieces of equipment for removing dry as well as wet dirt and grime from glass. If you are looking to sanitize surfaces, choose a steam vacuum cleaner that eliminates allergens by vacuuming them into a HEPA filter equipped chamber. This prevents the allergens, such as pollen, pet hair, and dust mites, from reentering the air during cleaning.

Portable steam cleaners also feature anti-bacterial technology that removes as much as 99.9 percent bacteria from the surface. Some portable steam cleaners even feature temperatures as high as 386°F.

So, when you buy your machine, just make sure it has all the above mentioned features. Buying such equipment from reputed brands is advisable, as they offer durable and efficient cleaning machines.

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