Why the mud won`t stick anymore

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Courtesy of SAS Environmental Services Ltd.

Certainly, the Increased demand on resources within the oil and gas Industry has led to significantly higher costs In many areas of operation, not least having the means to clean equipment, such as mud tank*, pffertivply.

And in the process of cleaning the mud pits on the rigs and the cleaning ot Thp mud Tanks on platform supply vessels and barges, there is the added complication of tightened environmental legislation in Europe, putting pressure on the logistics and costs of operations.

The cost of disposing of hazardous waste in landfill sites is increasingly expensive as the number of available sites is reduced by European legislation coming into effect.

These factors work together to create a situation where there is a new way to approach an old issue.namely.thedevelopmem of micro-emulsion delivery systems for the deaning of drilling rig mud pits and platform supply ves-wK. Wht»n paired with a innovative mpc haniral delivery <y<tpm, micro pmukion rhemktry technology really readies a new optimized level of tank cleaning with fewer health and safety issues compared to the traditional method of ope ration. this type of operation involves significant health and safety issues that required constant attention in order to ensure staff safety, in what is a difficult working environment. This approach subsequently results in large volumes of slop waste heavily contaminated with drilling fluid.

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