Why the oil industry must take heed of new landfill directive # m governing hazardous wastes

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With the 16th July 2004 being the red-letter day forthe oil and energy industry. John Harrison, Managing Director. Surface Active Solutions Ltd. believes the industry faces problems with hazardous waste disposal unless it acts quickly,
This day sees a tightening of the UK laws on 'special/hazardous' wastes. To give it its technical specification, 'the ban on co-disposal of waste pursuant to the Landfill Directive 1999/31/EC,the new EU procedures for the acceptance of waste at landfill set out in Commission Dedsion 2003/33/ECtakes effect. Indeed,|this was a subject of a recent industry conference in Aberdeen by the EU pollution law spedalists SempleFraserLLR

The Landfill Directive

The Landfill Directive itself already requires by bw that treatment of waste takes place prior to landfill. In addition, under the Special Waste Amendment (Scotland) Regulations 2004, effective from 1st July,a sig-nifi ant number of wastes transfer from 'non-hazardous' to 'hazardous' and new rules on producer responsibility come into force with producers and managers now having a legal duty to separate mixed wastes priorto landfill.

There are also new tighter laws on waste licensing exemptions. For example, there will be a blanket ban on the co-disposal of such wastes -the piactice whereby non-hazardous and hazardous wastes are dumped together in the same landfill cell -and on the disposal of liquid wasteto landfill.

Currently in Scotland there are no landfill sites available that carry permits to accept hazardous wastes - a point that is of particular relevance to the oil and gas industry as many oil contaminated waste generated by op erations in th is industry com ing ashoreare now to be classified as'Absolute Entries'under the Hazardous Waste Directive 1991 and the revised European Waste Catalogue (EWC 2002).

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