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Why You Need a Carpet Shampooing Machine with Higher Pressure Levels for Commercial Applications?


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If you operate a contract cleaning business, you will often be hired to clean carpets in commercial areas. Therefore, cleaning contractors must invest in the right equipment, such as a high-quality carpet shampooing machine. Your equipment forms the lifeline of the business. Sturdy, durable, efficient machines will raise productivity, thereby raising profitability. A carpet shampooing machine with pressure levels as high as 500 psi is recommended for industrial and commercial carpet cleaning applications. A carpet shampooer machine from the best brand would come with a feature to adjust the pressure levels as per the cleaning application. Advanced machines help in faster removal of grease, stains, and mold, and other dirt on carpets, as they feature technologies like automatic refilling and dumping that end the need to manually refill the system with clean water and then dump the dirty water.

Fast Heating
High temperatures are needed to eliminate grease, sugars, and similar substances from carpets. A non-heated carpet shampooing machine may use water up to 140°F to clean carpets. Heated carpet cleaning machines attain temperatures as high as 210°F. This type of machine is used where the contractor regularly cleans very dirty or greasy carpets. The heating time of these carpets is as low as possible. The most powerful carpet shampooers require just about five minutes to heat water. These machines have inline heating elements to heat water quickly. Such carpet shampooers are efficient and reduce waiting time, thereby enhancing productivity.

Low Flow Rates
Industrial carpet extractor machines feature a low flow rate in order to reduce water consumption. This ensures that even with minimal supply of water, the contractor is able to clean carpets sufficiently well. Another advantage of using a low-flow industrial carpet extractor is that you would be eliminating the chances of fungal germination on the carpets. Wet carpets are more vulnerable to mold. However, as low-flow carpet extractors use minimal water, they leave the carpets drier. This speeds up the drying time. Usually, carpets washed with this type of carpet cleaning machine tend to dry in just about four hours, rather than the usual 24 hours.

There are several other efficiency enhancing features that a commercial carpet cleaning machine must have. The first is a long hose. A long hose is very useful, if you are cleaning large carpets, as it reduces the need to move the machine and saves a lot of time. Many contractors who use mobile carpet extractors can leave the machine inside the truck or trailer while they clean carpets. The quality of the wand is also important. A large 12 inch wand is used for regular carpet cleaning, while a smaller 4 inch wand is used for cleaning fabric upholstery.

With the advancement and technology, carpet shampooers became sophisticated machines that eliminate efficiency and raise productivity. For contractors, car wash businesses, and any other business where cleaning carpets on a regular basis is a major requirement, a carpet cleaning machine is bound to be a crucial piece of equipment.

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